About Mike Martin

Mike MartinI started racing motorcycles in 1972 at age 14. I raced consistently through 1987. In 1988 I was working full time as vice president in charge of sales and attending the University of Redlands full time to attain an M.A.M. so I switched to racing mountain bikes thinking it would be less time consuming. I already knew how to get the most out of a race engine but with mountain biking I was back at square one. I had to figure out how to get the most performance out of my body on race day. I started with learning the aerobic aspect, followed by the anaerobic aspect of training. Each time I would plateau I would figure out what to do next. After the aerobic and strength plateau the next step was obvious, nutrition. I realized I can’t out train poor nutrition so I went to work on that.

As time went on I continued to study physiology which included physiology of the brain. I was also studying quantum physics at the time just for fun. With an understanding of how thought can effect matter at the sub atomic level through the molecular level and beyond. I started with cell communication and implementing it daily into my life. The final piece of the puzzle came with the hypnosis. Hypnosis addresses the subconscious mind where habits, beliefs, and addictions reside.

With each step my life improved to the point where the improved sports performance became a beneficial side effect of a well balanced life.

All workouts are tailored to the individual needs of the client with an emphasis on safety. Workouts generally consist of traditional proven strength training with a mix of constant, variable, and body weight resistance. All can be applied in a way to challenge and train the nervous system, resulting in strength and a lean sculpted look.

A.C.E.   C.P.T.   L.W.M.C.   Certified LeMond Rev Instructor
B.S.B.A.   M.A.M. University of Redlands