Date: June 18 (Wednesday Evening)
Time: 6:30pm-8pm
Cost: $20

An introductory workshop to experience the Quantum Training package; which incorporates strength training, cell communication and hypnotherapy, assisting you in taking your fitness to a new level.

The workshop begins with a short discussion of how quantum physics works in relations to fitness and how hypnotherapy plays a role in it.

Learn how to use the conscious and subconscious mind to improve your health and fitness, get the results you desire.

*Please bring a notebook, pen, and blanket.

The workshop will be an interactive evening:

1. Discussion of cell communication and how it can change your body.

2. Discussion on how thought affects matter.

3. A brief regression addressing metabolism and weight lose.

Participants will create a personalized cell communication program, and have time to share the regression experiences if they choose and ask questions.

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