Alchemy hypnotherapy is a spiritual practice of working with inner guides, archetypes, inner child, inner mother/father and higher self. Alchemy is the interactive trances work using archetypes guides to empower clients in discovering, aligning with their life purpose.

The conscious mind is the domain of the analyzer and the critical factor. The conscious mind is rarely the source of emotions; emotions come from a deeper level of the brain. The subconscious mind contains emotional complexes, long term memory, instinct, habits. The function of hypnosis is to return us to a mode of consciousness experienced by children and primitive people in which words and images regain their original strong connection. In this state verbal suggestions act directly on the subconscious mind which can be used to access and alter deeply buried memories. Hypnosis helps with relaxations and stress management, implanting positive suggestions, releasing blocks and contacting inner guidance.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy Sessions

·  Inner Child work
·  Guide Journey
·  Past Life Trauma
·  Past Life Creativity
·  Past Life Contract work
·  Past Life Pre-Conception
·  Past Life Causal Plane work
·  Conference Room

$60 per hour (sessions usually last 90-120 minutes)


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