Personal Training

One on One Personal Training — Durango
Training available at Fit Solutions or at the Durango Rec Center – membership is not required. Training prices for Durango sessions:

    • 1-4 $60.00 per hour
    • 5-9 $55.00 per hour
    • 10+ $50.00 per hour


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One on One Personal Training — Hermosa
Hermosa training is outdoors when favorable weather conditions allow. Training prices for Hermosa sessions:

  • 1-4 $45.00 per hour
  • 5+ $40.00 per hour


Hermosa Training

Super Saver Buddy Deal in Hermosa – You can split the same hourly costs with a buddy and save 50% ($20-$22.50 each for two people).

Quantum Training Package
Includes aerobic and strength training, hypnosis, explanation of quantum physics and cell communication. Quantum training packages include:

  • 6 Sessions in the gym
  • 3 sessions of hypnotherapy
  • 2 sessions of education on cell communication

Quantum training prices:

  • Durango Training $625.00
  • Hermosa Training $550.00


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